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About Us

At Radiate Comfort Systems, we are committed to excellence by design. Our staff has decades of experience designing and building residential and commercial water-source and geothermal equipment. We offer a broad range of sizes, options, and configurations. Additionally, we can build custom units to fit into virtually ANY space.

We believe in assisting customers with solutions that solve today’s challenges presented by ever evolving building needs, rather than just having a one-size fits all model. By tailoring the equipment solution to the space, owners, tenants, and customers will be more comfortable, happier, and save energy. Here’s just a few of the solutions we can help with:

  • Dedicated outdoor air systems for perfect indoor air quality.
  • Heat recovery and heat transfer for improved energy utilization.
  • Modulating capacity control for precise comfort control and energy savings.
  • System control integration for enhanced automation and control.
  • Extended air filtration and purification for healthcare and other demanding environments.

In addition to knowing we can help with any application, you can also rest assured that every system is built to the highest standards. Our design, testing, fabrication, and assembly facility features all-new, state-of-the-art equipment. Every product is built and tested by expert craftsmen that take pride in producing the very best unit possible. We utilize quality componentry selected for form, fit, and function, not simply based on cost. Excellence by design isn’t just our motto, it’s how we live and operate every day.

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